Essential Safety Gear for Demolition Specialists

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Even after every safety precaution has been executed, the risk of injury on a demolition site remains. At this point, staying safe becomes a personal obligation for every worker on the site and their supervisors. To lower this risk even more, demolition specialists are outfitted with varying articles of protective gear. In this piece, we’re going to look at some of the essential safety gear you’ll find worn by most demolition specialists on a job site. 

Protect Your Head

You may have two hands, two feet, two eyes, and two ears, but you only have one head, so you better protect it! To protect the head from injury due to falling debris, low-hanging passageways, or even from equipment, hard hats, helmets, and other forms of head protection are almost always worn on a demolition job site. Most types of head protection are made of either a hardened plastic or carbon fiber to keep them cool, lightweight, and free of electrical conductivity. They are usually of a vibrant color to increase visibility by other workers. Hardhats come in different sizes and styles — everything from a traditional construction worker style to what resembles a hard cowboy hat. 

You Put Your Left Boot On…

Try as much as you like, it can be immensely challenging to keep a demolition site tidy. Debris ranging from wood, cement, metal, and glass is likely scattered on the ground by the demolition process, making proper foot protection vital for avoiding injury. Demolition workers are almost always outfitted with boots that contain specialized sole and toe protection. Besides preventing injury, these boots should also be immensely comfortable and supportive to keep up with the demanding needs of demolition professionals day in, day out. There’s no one single model of boot that works for all workers, and most demolition specialists will have a make and model of boot that they prefer. 

Put Mits On Your Paws

Whether a worker is operating a large excavator or swinging a sledgehammer, a demolition professional’s hands are an essential appendage on the job site, making proper hand protection crucial. Sturdy work gloves serve a variety of functions on a work site. Tough work gloves keep workers’ hands safe from abrasions and injury from sharp or rough debris. Work gloves also give demolition specialists an increased grip on the necessary tools and materials. 

All Eyes On Tomorrow

As we’ve discussed so far, demolition sites are indisputably dusty. Removing a structure is known to kick all sorts of different dust and debris into the air. Adequate eye protection is a must for any demolition site to keep dust and debris that has been kicked up from entering one’s eyes. Eye protection options range from specialized sunglasses to protective glasses and goggles. 

Breathe Easy With Protective Respirators

As equally vulnerable to contamination by airborne dust and debris as the eyes is the respiratory system — the nose, mouth, throat, and lungs. Inhaling such dust can result in respiratory ailments ranging from a cough to asthma to nasal and lung cancer. To avoid damage due to prolonged exposure to airborne elements, demolition professionals ton protective filtering respirators. 

Don’t Fall For It

Some demolition jobs require going to great heights to get the job done. When this is the case, the risk of injuries or even fatalities from high falls increases exponentially. To keep workers safe from injuries in the event of a fall, fall protection equipment is regularly put into use. Demolition specialists in precarious positions are outfitted with supportive harnesses that are carefully tethered to supports that will catch them in the event of a fall.

DT Employs Them All

Keeping our teams safe is an essential part of the demolition process for DT Specialized Services. Our personnel takes the safety of their crews very seriously —  following every safety protocol to ensure the protection of every worker on a demolition site. 

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