The Benefits Of Excavators in Demolition

Excavator on demolition site

When you ask an outsider about demolition, the first two pieces of equipment that like come to mind are a wrecking ball and explosives. While those can be useful in some projects, the majority of our work is done with other tools. For projects that require a little finesse due to material salvaging or concerns about the surrounding environment, excavators are invaluable. Here are some of the benefits demolition contractors get by using excavators.
  • Precision
An excavator can be used in a variety of ways and the tool attached to the end of the arm can be changed based on the current task. There are two types of excavators, long reach and high reach. The difference is simply that long reach excavators extend horizontally while high reach excavators extend vertically. Both types allow the operators to work on areas while removing themselves from danger. With high control over movements, operators are able to keep themselves and other safe with carefully controlled demolition.
  • Fuel efficiency
Long reach excavators have no exhaust gas recirculation on the engine, which makes them more fuel efficient. On average, they're about 20-percent more efficient than high reach excavators. This not only introduces a savings on fuel throughout a project, but also reduces the number of work stoppages required for refueling.
  • Versatility¬†
As mentioned, the tool attached to the end of the excavator's arm can be changed for different tasks. Even the length of the excavator's arm can be changed depending on need. This allows the excavator to handle a variety of jobs that otherwise would require several pieces of equipment. This includes pinching, hammering, crushing, scooping, picking, cutting and shearing.These advantages of using excavators in demolition allow for safer, more efficient jobs. They also allow for easier salvaging and recycling of materials.At Demolition Technologies, we've built up years of experience on a variety of demolition projects and understand what equipment is required to do the job right. Contact us with your next demolition job.