Tulsa Paper Building

Se lective demolition of structural elements for the rehabilitation of a historic Tulsa, Oklahoma Building.  Work included the removal of roof assemblies, elevator shafts, floor assemblies, and interior and exterior load bearing walls.

The 60,000 square foot facility was retrofitted to accomidate a home for the Woody Guthrie Museum.  The project was coordinated in two phases along with Manhattan Construction the construction manager.  The first phase included exploritory demolition and environmental remediation.  Thus clearing the way for the design team to realize the potential for the historic structure.

DT (Demolition Technologies) managed all of the asbestos sampling, asbestos abatement, historic paint restoration, and demolition.  Structureal removal of roof deck assemblies, elevator shafts and concrete floor assemblies were neccesary to prepare the structure for new development.  Code updating required the demolition of structural elements to accomidate two new elevator shafts and three new stairwells.

Demolition is the gateway to saving a historic building.  DT (Demolition Technologies) is qualified to help clear the way for your historic rehabilitation project.  Demolition Technologies works in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Ponca City, etc...  If you have a demolition need, Demolition Technologies can help!