What Are the Different Kinds of Demolition?

Demolition is not a one size fits all activity. There are multiple methods we can use to get the job done depending on the size and type of structure that needs to come down. Only after we’ve assessed the situation can we make a decision regarding how we’ll be demolishing the structure.

High Reach

It’s not terribly exciting, but a high reach excavator is one of the most commonly used methods in demolition. We can attach several different kinds of tools to the end of the excavator that can cut, crush, and pull the building down. The extendable boom on the excavator allows us to work on incredibly tall buildings. Most importantly, this method gives us a lot of control over the demolition without the need for a large crew.


Using precise explosives placed in exactly the right places, we can cause the entire structure to collapse in on itself with a touch of a button. Although this method is fast, it’s also incredibly dangerous. Tons of planning and preparation goes into an implosion demolition to make sure everything goes safely.


The demolition industry has been focused on recycling for quite some time, which is why selective demolition is so popular right now. This method uses limited large machinery and strives to save and recycle as much material as possible. Selective demolition can't be used for full-scale demolition, it’s mainly used to strip the interior or get rid of one part of a building.

Wrecking Ball

The most iconic symbol of the demolition industry, isn’t really used all that much anymore. A lot can go wrong when you’re using a giant crane to swing an incredibly heavy ball through the air, so this isn’t a great way to demolish a building.

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