5 Steps to Demolition Clean Up

When it comes to demolition, cleaning up is half the battle. Once the building or structure has been demolished, we’re left with a big mess that needs to be dealt with. To make clean up go as quickly and efficiently as possible, we follow five steps.


After we do an initial inspection to figure out what demolition method we’ll be using, we also take time to plan for the clean-up phase of the project. We’ll need to factor in what kind of materials we’re working with and the amount of debris that will be generated. Once we know those two factors, we can create a plan.


This step isn’t necessary on every project, but, in a lot of cases, we’ll only be demolishing part of the building and will need to protect the other parts of the building. To do this, we might set up some tarps to stop dust and dirt from drifting into unwanted places.

Dust Control

Speaking of dust, we also take precautions to prevent the dust from creating a big mess in the surrounding areas. Water hoses, sprinklers, atomized sprayers, and fans can all be used as effective dust management tools.


This might be the most important step in the clean-up process. To ensure we can recycle the most amount of building materials, we need to sort through the debris to separate out materials like concrete and steel. These materials are highly recyclable, so we want to keep these out of the landfills and put them back to work.


Once everything has been sorted into appropriate categories, we can start hauling everything off to various locations. Some materials can be recycled on the demolition site and then be hauled off, while others will need to be hauled to another facility to be recycled.