What to Know About Job Safety Analysis

A job safety analysis (JSA) goes by many names – task hazard analysis, pre-task analysis, job hazard analysis, and a few others. Whatever you call it, a JSA is one of the first steps to take in any demolition project. The goal of a JSA is to find hazards, identify them, and plan for them.

Find the Hazards

To get things started, an initial site assessment is needed. We carefully inspect the entire site and look for any potential risks that might come up during demolition. Since some hazards can’t be seen by the naked eye, we also bring tools for soil sampling and air quality sampling. We’re looking for any dangerous or flammable chemicals that might be lurking out of view. Once the inspection is complete, we compile our list of issues and start to plan for their removal.

Plan for the Hazards

Now that we know what the problems are, we can start making the site safe for demolition. We create a detailed list of procedures for removing all the identified risks as well as emergency backup plans in case something goes wrong during removal. Escape routes, chain of command, and other contingency plans are all put in place to make sure we’re prepared for an emergency. A list of necessary equipment is also prepared so we know what we need to remove the risks. Occasionally, we might need to apply for a few permits to remove a hazard. If there are any chemicals or dangerous materials (like asbestos) involved, we will create a plan to properly dispose of the contaminated material.

Remove the Hazards

Now that all the leg work is taken care of, we can get to work. Our crews will execute the plan and address any other issues that might come up. At DT Specialized Services, our first goal is always safety, and we have the safety record to prove it. After being in the industry for as long as we have, we know that high-quality work can’t be done without proper safety.