What is Deconstruction Demolition?

Deconstruction is a demolition method used when the owner of the structure wants to take a more surgical approach to tearing down the structure. Instead of knocking the structure down with a high reach excavator or another piece of heavy machinery, our crew uses handheld power tools and pry bars to dismantle the structure piece by piece. Once the crew has taken out everything worth scrapping, we might use some heavy machinery to finish the job. So, in the end, the structure will still be demolished. While the end result is the same as regular demolition, the methodology is much different.

Why Use Deconstruction?

As with other demolition methods, opting for deconstruction has several pros and cons. The main advantage to deconstruction is that more materials can be recycled and reused. Since we take apart the building piece by piece, we can also sort all these pieces into proper categories and find a way to reuse them as building materials for new construction projects.

Deconstruction can also be better for smaller projects that may be attached to another part of the building that needs to remain intact. For example, let’s say you want to expand your office building, but need to tear down a wing to make room for the expansion. Obviously, you’ll want to make sure the other part of the building doesn’t get damaged and you’ll want to keep the noise down so your employees can work without interruption. Deconstruction is perfect for this situation. While it does take a little longer, deconstruction is much quieter than traditional deconstruction.

Made for Deconstruction

For the past few years, deconstruction has been growing in popularity thanks to its low environmental impact. In fact, it has become so popular that some architects have started to design with deconstruction in mind. Buildings are being designed in such a way that when the building has reached the end of its life, crews can easily and efficiently take the building apart.  

Whether you need deconstruction, traditional demolition, or you’re not sure which you need, DT Specialized Services is here to help.