3 Benefits of Concrete Recycling For Your Demolition Project

Concrete recycling

At DT Specialized Services, we offer on-site concrete crushing and recycling services or haul all concrete left from our Tulsa area jobs to our own recycling yard. Each demolition job is bound to produce a large amount of wasted materials, but when the concrete from a structure is recycled, there are both environmental and budgetary benefits. At Demolition Technologies, we’re able to maintain an estimated 9 to 1 ratio of recycled materials to waste by weight. Here are just a few of the reasons we believe in recycling concrete.
  • Avoid the landfill
Without the option to recycle, concrete left from a demolition job would be transported to a nearby landfill. These pieces of concrete take up lots of space and aren’t biodegradable, which uses up valuable landfill space. This process of loading, hauling and dumping these materials also increases the project costs. Instead, on-site recycling allows for the concrete to be crushed without hauling it away and used in other applications, rather than being dumped in a landfill.
  • Start new construction
For many clients, one structure needs to be demolished in order for a new structure to be erected. In these cases, failing to recycle concrete results in waste in two ways. First, used concrete is hauled off to the landfill where it serves no further purpose. Second, additional materials are brought in as fill or road base. When concrete is recycled, it can be re-used as fill. This eliminates waste and saves on the expense of bringing in additional aggregates.
  • Minimize impact
The footprint of a demolition project can grow rapidly. There’s a high volume of displaced materials to deal with and potentially a large increase in traffic in the surrounding community as trucks and machinery come and go. On-site recycling greatly reduces this footprint by re-purposing materials. Not only is concrete being used for other applications, but traffic is reduced as fewer loads are necessary to clear the site.On-site concrete crushing and recycling makes a world of difference in any demolition job. At DT Specialized Services, we appreciate the value of recycling concrete both for your budget and for the environment. For your next demolition project, give us a call at 918-379-0966 for eco-friendly and budget friendly service.