Demolition Basics for Any Job

There are a few key principles to keep in mind no matter the size, scope, or nature of your demolition project. Being aware of these principles will save you from making several novice mistakes, and it might even save you a little money. The best way to keep your demolition project on time and under budget is to always remember the three following principles of demolition.

Safety is the Biggest Priority

Any demolition project comes with a fair amount of dangers and risks. To avoid these risks turning into real accidents, you need to hire a company that puts safety first. An accident isn’t just bad for the hurt person, or the company they work for, it can also be bad for the project. Anytime someone gets hurt, all work on the project will likely come to a halt while the injured person is safely moved. Work can be delayed further if an investigation is needed to determine the cause of the accident. Either way, this downtime can easily put the project behind schedule, which can cost you money.

Beware of Hazardous Materials  

Back when a lot of older buildings were built, we didn’t know what we know now about the effects of the materials we were using. One material we run into all the time in older buildings is asbestos. This was used in everything from siding to ceiling tiles, and if it’s not found during the initial site survey, it can wreak havoc on the project timeline and budget.

Let the Neighbors Know

Despite our best efforts, demolition will be somewhat noisy and dirty. It’s best to give your neighbors a heads up before demolition starts so they can plan accordingly. Providing a schedule of when certain tasks will happen allows them to know what days will noisier than others.

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