3 Myths About Demolition Recycling

Recycling is one of the highest achievements the demolition industry has made. However, there is still a lot of bad information about recycling out there that can make business owners feel like recycling isn’t worth the time or effort. This is unfortunate, but once you review the facts below, you’ll see that recycling is always worth it.

It’s Too Time Consuming

Speed is key to keeping job sites efficient and affordable. Recycling is sometimes seen as an extra step that will make the job last longer than it needs to. However, recycling doesn’t make crews work longer, it just makes them work smarter. By separating materials into specific containers, crews will have to pay closer attention to where they put what, but this rarely takes longer than just dumping everything in one big container. Recycling containers are often smaller, which means crews can drag them much closer to the rubble. This saves time that would be spent hauling the debris across the job site.

It’s Too Expensive

Business and property owners are always looking for a way to save a buck, and, unfortunately, some think it’s more expensive to recycle. However, hauling and dumping demolition waste at a landfill can cost around $140 a ton, which isn’t exactly cheap when you have lots of wastes. Recycling, on the other hand, can be a much more cost-effective way to reduce the amount of waste that needs to be dumped at the landfill, which will save money.

It’s Too Complicated  

The simplest solution is often the right solution, so it would stand to reason the right solution is to dump everything in one big container and haul it away. Admittedly, this is a simple solution to waste, but it’s not the right one. Yes, recycling is more complicated than the alternative, but that’s not a bad thing. Complications are normally avoided because they can come with added costs and time. However, as you’ve read above, this isn’t the case for recycling.