Three Options for Used Concrete

Concrete is one of the most plentiful materials we find on a demolition job site. Parking lots, sidewalks, roads, and parts of the building can all be made with concrete. As you might imagine, we’re naturally left with a lot of concrete on our hands when we demolish a building. So, what should we do with all this used concrete? Well there are three options for concrete once we’ve demolished a building: recycle, reuse, or landfill.


Recycled concrete can be turned into natural aggregate, which is used to make new concrete. Since concrete is used on almost every new construction project, there’s a fairly high demand for natural aggregate in the construction markets, and recycled concrete is a great way to meet this need at a reasonable cost. The cost of hauling the concrete to a landfill is roughly the same as hauling it to a recycling center, so recycling can actually help offset some of the demolition costs. At DT Specialized, we own our own crusher, which helps save even more money.


In some cases, the concrete can be carefully removed from the current location and used on a new site in its current form. These instances are somewhat rare, but they are ideal since they only require transport and minimal processing. The concrete needs to meet some high standards in order for it be reused as is. We need to make sure the structural integrity hasn’t been compromised and then find an appropriate application.


If concrete can not be recycled or reused, the only option left is to put it in a landfill. We do our best to avoid this because it comes with the highest economic and environmental costs. Not only will we be hit with landfill costs, but there’s also no way to offset the cost like with reusing and recycling. Putting concrete in a landfill is also very bad for the environment because it takes up a lot of space and creates a need for more natural resources to be used to create new concrete.