3 Keys to Demolition Success

At DT Specialized Services, we’ve successfully completed countless projects in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas. This vast amount of experience has taught us what it takes to achieve success on any project. When boiled down, there are three basic principles every project needs to abide by in order to be successful.    


The first priority on any project is always safety. The most important measure of success is every member of the crew getting to go home injury and accident-free. We believe that safety works best with a top-down approach. Our entire management and leadership team does their best to lead by example and model an attention to safety for all our crew members to follow. Holding regular mandatory safety meetings helps keep safety top of mind with everyone involved in the project.


Failing to plan is planning to fail. Demolition might seem like a straightforward and simple process to the layman, but with all the moving parts and high-risk situations, demolition needs to be planned to a T. Based on the initial site assessment, we carefully plan the sequence of events and coordinate when and where crew members need to be. Having a plan keeps everyone safe and keeps projects on time and on budget. Going in and starting to smash and demolish everything without a plan is asking for a timeline delay or, even worse, an injury.


All the attention to safety and planning in the world won’t mean a thing if the crew isn’t up to snuff. We take great pride in employing a top-notch crew that is well trained. Our crew members understand the importance of safety and give us vital feedback that helps us plan for projects better. Compromising on hiring standards is something we can’t afford to do. It only takes one crew member to miss a job assignment and the entire crew can be put in harm’s way.