Myths and Misconceptions About Demolition

Demolition equipment on site

Those outside of the demolition industry typically have some misconceptions about what demolition is all about. It may seem simple to demolish a building, but there’s a lot more that goes into a successful demolition job than what many may think. The National Demolition Association put together a good infographic detailing some of these common misconceptions. Here, we’ll dispel a few of these demolition myths.
  • Blowing Up Buildings
Footage of arenas, stadiums and skyscrapers being imploded is what makes the news, but that’s a small portion of the demolition industry. In fact, implosions account for less than 1-percent of all demolition work. The majority of jobs are done with equipment like excavators and backhoes.
  • Environmental Impact
Is demolition bad for the environment? Some outside the industry might be tempted to say yes, but in reality many of the jobs done by demolition companies have a primary goal of helping the environment. For example, removing toxins and hazardous materials from buildings and cleaning Brownfields and Superfunds identified by the EPA. There’s also a longstanding focus on salvaging materials from demolition sites to keep them out of landfills. At Demolition Technologies, we’re also leading the way to crush and recycle concrete from jobs.
  • Simple and Unsophisticated
Demolition is much more than knocking over a building. To keep jobs safe and to do them right requires extensive training and planning. The proper equipment, training and work practices must be put into placed by professionals to ensure that a project goes smoothly. Additional concerns like the surrounding structures and environment, the safety of workers and the well-being of the community are all factors that professional demolition experts work with. Professionals are also continually learning and gaining new training in order to make their processes more efficient, safer and more cost-effective.If you’d like to know more about how Demolition Technologies performs safe, effective demolition projects, contact us via our website, or call us at 918-379-0966.