Safety is Within Reach

High reach excavators are one of the most commonly used pieces of heavy equipment used on demolition sites. These machines are ideal for making quick work of tall buildings, but they need to be handled with close attention to safety. Everyone operates high reach excavators must have the proper experience, certifications, and skills. Here are three ways to maintain safety while operating high reach excavators.

Use Only When Appropriate

Using any kind of heavy machinery comes with a certain level of danger, and the bigger the machinery, the bigger the risk. With that in mind, high reach excavators should only be used when necessary. If other, and safer, means can take care of the job, then the excavator should stay at home base.

Know Your Limits

Every high reach excavator manufacturer will stipulate a maximum reach height that should not be exceeded. However, just because you technically can go a certain height doesn’t mean you should. That limit was set in a controlled setting and may not accurate to your job site. Different factor on the site can affect how high an excavator can safely reach.

Do the Ground Work

Before the excavator rolls on the site, make sure the ground is ready. A site survey should let you know what conditions the ground can handle. Site slabs, ground make up, water table level, voids, basements and other potential hazards are all factors that must be accounted for when considering a high reach excavator.

As demolition equipment becomes more and more sophisticated safety protocol needs keep up. When high reach excavators came out, it changed the game and allowed us to be much more efficient when demolishing tall structures. However, this innovation needs to be used the right way.