There’s No DIY in Demolition

These days there are YouTube videos to teach an aspiring DIYer how to do just about anything. Whether you want to learn to sew a button back on or pour your own concrete countertops, there’s no shortage of how-to videos. This kind of mentality is great for a lot of projects, but demolition isn’t one of them. While it might sound tempting to go buy a sledge hammer and start breaking down walls, demolition is a little more complicated than a YouTube video might make it appear.


Before anything happens on the job site, proper permits are typically required. Neglecting to go through the appropriate channels can land you in a world of hurt. This process isn’t always straightforward and it can be hard to know where to go to get the permits you need. At DT Specialized Services, we have plenty of permit experience so we always make sure to cross our t’s and dot our i’s on our permits.


Probably the biggest reason to leave demolition to the professionals is safety. When we engage on a demolition project, we’re not just knocking down walls, we’re executing a carefully coordinated plan that keeps everyone safe. There’s a lot of unknown factors you need to account for during a demolition project, and if you’re not careful someone can easily get hurt.

Clean Up

Even if you were able to get the right permits and knock everything down safely, what would you do with all the rubble? Most demolition projects make a mess big enough that a pickup can’t handle it. So, at best you’ll have to rent an industrial dumpster, which means all that rubble will most likely end up in a landfill. By hiring a commercial demolition company, like DT, we haul away all the rubble and make sure to recycle as much of the material as possible.

As you can see, demolition and DIY just don’t mix. When you need to take care of a demolition project, just call us.