3 Ways to be a Good Demolition Neighbor

Sometimes demolition jobs happen out in remote areas with no one else around for miles. This is convenient for us because we don’t have to worry about affecting anyone in the surrounding areas. However, most demolition jobs will not come with this luxury. In most cases, the neighbors need to be a concern that planned and accounted for. We always want to be a good neighbor to those in the adjacent building to maintain the good relationship the client has with their neighbors. To do this we make sure to keep three factors in check.

Spillover- Demolition can make a real good mess, and it’s our job to make sure that mess doesn’t spill over onto anyone else’s property. This is fairly straightforward for things like dirt and rubble, but it’s not so simple for dust. We always go the extra mile to make sure there’s no collateral damage or inconvenience to the neighboring properties.

Annoyance- Not only is demolition messy, it’s also loud. While there’s not a lot we can do to make demolition quieter, we can make sure all the neighbors have a fair warning before we start causing a ruckus. Making a friendly introduction and keeping neighbors informed is key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

Traffic- Every demolition site will have a fair amount of vehicles and heavy equipment coming in and out of the site. This can be a huge headache for people who live and work in the surrounding areas and just want to go about their day without dealing with a traffic jam. Again, we can’t eliminate this problem altogether, but we can be mindful of rush hours and do our best to avoid the busy times.

These three tactics aren’t just a nice jester, they’re protection against a nuisance or trespassing citation. This is just one way we go above and beyond to look out for our clients and protect them from liabilities.