The True Difference in Demolition Versus Deconstruction

Working on demolition site

When a structure has past the point of renovation and needs to be removed from a lot, there are typically two options. The structure can be demolished or it can be deconstructed. While these two services share the same end goal of clearing a lot, at their most basic definitions they take starkly different paths to get there. However, as William Turley explains at C&D World, the difference in experience of clients in deconstructions and modern, full-service demolitions is actually closer than you might think.
  • Deconstruction
The term ‘deconstruction’ refers to the removal of a structure through salvage. A building is taken apart piece by piece in order to produce as many valuable, reusable materials as possible. Examples of these salvageable materials include doors, windows, cabinets, lighting and plumbing fixtures, lumber, roofing materials, flooring and more. By maintaining the integrity of these materials for reuse, crews keep them out of landfills and can either resell them for other building projects or donate them for a hefty tax write-off. As you can see, the image of deconstruction is one of careful maintenance, or “unbuilding”, that’s more green than traditional demolition.
  • Demolition
This is where the distinction between deconstruction and demolition gets muddy. In its most basic terms, demolition the destruction of a building. A structure is mechanically torn down and reduced to rubble and the resulting waste is hauled away to a landfill. In reality, this form of demolition rarely exists. At DT Specialized Services, our demolition services include many of the same techniques as a “deconstruction crew”.  In fact, we’ve been using deconstruction techniques in demolition jobs for years. Before the term “deconstruction” came into being, we called it “hand wrecking”. While the use of heavy equipment dominates most jobs today, there’s still a place for the careful salvage and recycling of materials. In fact, if you wander onto any demolition site, you’ll notice the stacks of sorted recyclable or reusable materials.At Demolition Technologies, we’re dedicated to environmental rehabilitation in addition to the overall quality and safety of each project. We take pride in our ability to recycle and reuse materials, rather than simply taking rubble to landfills. For a full-service, modern demolition experience, contact us for jobs in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Missouri and Kansas.