Key Demolition Terms to Know

As with any industry, the demolition world is full of technical terms most people aren’t too familiar with. To help you understand the jargon and slang you might hear around a demolition site, we put together a quick list of key demolition terms to know.

Asbestos Abatement- The process of safely removing asbestos from a structure before starting demolition.

Brownfield- A contaminated site, often a small manufacturing, industrial, or commercial site that has less hazardous or toxic substances than a highly-contaminated site regulated under the Superfund law.

C&D Recycling- The different methods of recycling, salvaging, and reusing construction waste and demolition debris is sometimes abbreviated C&D recycling.

Deconstruction- This refers to the practice of manually taking a structure apart piece by piece instead of mechanically knocking it down. Deconstruction is more labor-intensive than other forms of demolition, but it does allow for more opportunities to reuse and recycle.

High Reach Excavator- A long boom arm with specialized hydraulic attachments mounted on an excavator platform. These units are designed to allow access to tall structures, often 20 stories or more.

Implosion- The use of explosives to bring about the collapse of a building or structure. Explosive charges will be placed in a way that will cause the structure to collapse in on itself instead of exploding outward.

Specialized Rigging – Task-specific lines, chains, pulleys and heavy equipment that are used to relocate, move, or salvage buildings, structures or their components.

These are just a handful of terms used in the demolition industry. Let us know which terms you’re curious about and which ones we left out.