Selecting a Demolition Contractor

There are four key points of criteria you can use during the bidding process and in the final contract to select the best demolition contractor for your job. Experience, history of compliance, licensing, and subcontracting are all factors you can use to improve your selection.


No two demolition jobs are alike, so you need to look for experience that pertains to the nature of the work you need done.  Verifying experience can be done in a few different ways, including:  

Talking with past references of clients who had a project similar to yours.
Ask about how a demolition contractor responded to complaints of dust and noise pollution.
Find out how they train their staff and what kind of certifications the company holds.
See if they have done any work in your local area.

History of Compliance

There are two areas of compliance you’ll want to know about – safety and environmental. Check for any warnings, citations, or violations for both of these two issues with local and federal authorities.


Require all demolition contractors to have the required licenses or accreditations.


Some demolition companies will do all the work themselves, and others will sub out some of the more specialized parts of the job. Make sure you know if the contractor you’re hiring uses subcontractors. If they do, ask what parts of the job they will be subbing our and if you get any say in what subcontractors they use.