Demolition Helps Train Disaster Recovery Units

In most situations, demolition contractors are hired to tear down a building when it reaches the end of its life cycle. However, this is not the full extent of demolition contractors’ ability. The demolition industry plays a vital role in training and preparing those who respond to natural disasters and emergencies like tornados and earthquakes. Our expertise dealing with structurally compromised buildings help responders know how to navigate these situations and stay safe.

Last May, a demolition company in Indiana worked with the United Front to use a partially demolished hotel to train team members on emergency response tactics. The United Front is an exchange program between the Indiana National Guard and the Israeli Defense Force Home Front Command Search and Rescue Unit. The program has been running for six years, going back and forth between countries each year. The purpose of the exercise is to exchange training, tactics and procedures on search and rescue.

In addition to the United Front, more than 20 agencies came to Indiana to partake in this unique training opportunity. To create several real-life situations, the demolition team demolished one part of the building to rubble, structurally compromised another area leaving large pieces, and pulled the roof of the atrium off its supports allowing it to collapse. The training teams were then able to practice searching these three areas for survivors.

Without the knowledge and ability of the demolition experts, this incredibly valuable training exercise would not have been able to happen. We’re proud to lend our expertise to those who help keep our communities safe.