The Different Types of Excavator Attachments

Although wrecking balls and dynamite might be what most people think of when they hear the word demolition, these tools are rarely used on demolition job sites. In fact, the most common tool used to demo structures is an excavator. These machines give us the control and safety we need to efficiently remove a building and salvage as much of the material as possible. They also have the ability to use multiple attachments for all the different tasks on a demolition project. Choosing the correct attachment can get the job done faster and safer.


This attachment looks like a pair of metal jaws with sharp jagged teeth. This attachment is used to crush concrete and sort out the rebar. This is an important process that helps us recycle more concrete and steel.


Imagine the biggest pair of scissors you’ve ever seen powered by hydraulics, and that’s basically what shears are. We used this attachment to cut through big pieces of steel to make transporting the material easier.

Universal Processors

Think of universal processors as a combination of pulverizers and shears. They can cut through steel and crush concrete. However, they can’t do either task as fast as the other two. While universal processors are great when you have a heap of materials and you’re not sure what you’ll run into, they aren’t ideal when you have a pile of just concrete or just steel. The two tools specially designed for those tasks will always outperform processors.