Demolition Implosion Steps

While implosions make up a very small percentage of the demolitions we, or anyone in the industry, do, they tend to garner the most attention. For some reason, people seem to enjoy watching stadiums implode more than watching a manufacturing facility be torn down with a high-reach excavator. Regardless, when an implosion is on the schedule, here are the four steps we follow.

Preliminary Work

When parts of a structure are too close to other buildings or public property, we will dismantle these parts or make modifications to prevent these parts from damaging surrounding properties. We also set up fencing and work with local police to keep the area safe and secure.

Setting the Charges

The goal of an implosion is to cause the building to fall toward the core of collapse. To do this, charges are strategically placed and timed. The timing and placement of the charges are equally important to the success of the implosion.

Go Time

Once all the preliminary safety work is complete and the charges are set and timed, the only thing left to do is hit the go button. This is a big moment and we always want to make sure everyone is far away from the explosions to maintain safety.

Clean Up

After the structure has been demolished it’s time to pick through the rubble and recycle as much as we can. At this point, we use the same primary tactics as we would any other demolition job. Heavy equipment will be used to sort and haul away the debris.