Key Facts About Recycling In Construction and Demolition

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The recycling and reusing of waste generated by construction and demolition projects is not new. Demolition companies have been using what are now referred to as ‘green’ procedures for decades. Strangely, specific reporting on the waste generated by the Construction and Demolition industry and the impact of recycling has been severely limited, however. Until recently, the last in-depth, meaningful report on C&D recycling came about a decade ago.Dr. Timothy Townsend of the University of Florida updated the status of recycling in construction and demolition at the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association’s annual meeting in March. His whitepaper and accompanying presentation included a number of key figures that sheds light on how important it is for both construction and demolition companies to show a dedication to the environment.Waste generated by construction and demolition projects is the largest individual waste stream in the US. Materials including concrete, asphalt, wood, drywall, metals, shingles and other materials from road, bridge and building projects total about 480-million tons per year.If that amount of waste was all sent to area landfills, it would fill many of them and then some. Through recycling and reusing these materials, however, significantly fewer materials ever make it to the landfill. It’s estimated that more than 70-percent of debris is recycled in the US, which equates to more than 440-acres of landfill space at a waste depth of 50 feet that’s saved.Recycling efforts will need to increase in the coming years, as well, considering that construction activity is predicted to increase by more than 5-percent in 2015. Many of that new construction will be paired with the demolition of current structures also.Beyond the environmental impact, C&D recycling also has a significat economic impact. The recycling of debris is directly tied to the support of 19-thousand jobs throughout the country and the industry reports an annual revenue of about $7.4-billion.After figuring the indirect and induced economic output for C&D recycling, the industry is responsible for more than $17-billion in economic growth.At Demolition Technologies, we’re committed to safety, quality and environmental rehabilitation. We offer custom crushing options for our clients and are dedicated to leaving each site better than when we found it. Contact us to learn more about our demolition and recycling services.