Working with General Contractors

In the world of demolition services, you can get hired directly by the property owner or you can be hired by a general contractor who will be handling the new construction project once the structure is demolished. When the latter is the case, it’s slightly more complicated as more parties are involved. However, with proper coordination working with a general contractor can be very beneficial.

Specialized Skills

Often general contractors don’t have the specialized skills needed to safely demolish a building. Tearing down a building is a lot different than building one up, and things can go south in a hurry if you don’t know what you’re doing. When general contractors partner with a demolition contractor they get access to years of specialized experience. This allows for a safe demolition process that sets up the new construction process for success.

Liability and Insurance

General contractors can also benefit from using a demolition contractor by shifting liability and taking advantage of our insurance policies in the event of an accident. Doing demolition inevitably comes with a fair about of risk, and we can take on that risk as a demolition subcontractor.

Recycling Materials

Because we demolish structures every day, we have the necessary equipment and processes in place to recycle materials after demolition is complete. A general contractor will likely not have access to the resources needed to recycle concrete, rebar, or other debris generated from a demolition job.