Logistics Involved in Demolition

Pulling off a demolition safely and efficiently is no small order. There’s a ton of planning and logistics that need to be carefully thought out to make a demolition go smoothly. When ironing out demolition logistics, it’s helpful to think in three primary buckets: Pre-planning, implementation, and material handling.


Before we bust out any heavy equipment we need to do a thorough site inspection to understand what we’re working with. At this time, we can assess the structural integrity of the structure and determine the best demolition method to use. We also use this stage of logistics planning to get all necessary permits from local governments.


Once the plan is set, it’s time to execute. During this time the name of the game is coordination. We need to make sure everyone coming in and out of the site is doing so safely and everyone knows what everyone else is doing. This helps avoid accidents and creates a more efficient workflow.

Materials Handling  

Once the structure has been demolished we have to find a place for all the debris that was created. Our goal is always to recycle as much as possible, and we do a pretty good job of meeting this goal. At Dt Specialized Services, we own and operate our own concrete crusher, which makes recycling used concrete much easier. We also work hard to recycle the steel used for rebar and structural components of a building. A variety of recycling locations are used to handle all the materials, which means we need to manage the flow of traffic leaving the job site.

Well thought out logistics leads to a more successful demolition project. That’s why we take demolition logistics so seriously at DT Specialized Services.