Adding Value with Demolition Recycling

Not all demolition projects go the extra mile to incorporate demolition recycling into the plan, but they should. All parties stand to gain from a well thought out demolition recycling plan that accounts for all waste streams. At DT Specialized Services, we believe demolition recycling is a vital part of the demolition process, and here’s why.

Cheaper Than a Landfill

Carefully sorting materials into specific categories and hauling them to separate recycling centers might sound more expensive than just dumping everything in a landfill, but that’s not the case. Cities know how much better recycling is and the toll landfills take on the environment, so landfill dumping fees aren’t cheap. Some recycling centers will even pay for materials, which can offset the cost more!

LEED Credits

This won’t always be possible due to the proximity of recycling centers, but LEED credits can be a great motivator to recycle. By meeting certain recycling benchmarks, LEED credits allow demolition contractors to recoup some of their costs.

Environmental Impact

It’s obvious, but still worth saying. Demolition recycling will greatly reduce the carbon footprint of a demolition project. Concrete and steel can easily be recycled and turned into new construction materials for future projects.  

Crushing on Site

To make demolition recycling even more viable, we have invested in our own concrete crushing equipment. This allows us to crush concrete on the job site. By crushing on site, we cut down on the logistics and are able to crush faster and more efficiently.

As you can see, demolition recycling can add a lot of value to a demolition project. It’s important demolitions contractors look for ways to increase the amount of materials they try to recycle. If you have questions about demolition recycling or have an upcoming demolition need, contact us at 918-379-0966.