5 Tank Removal Cost Factors

Removing a tank is no small operation. It requires a lot of coordination and planning to be done successfully. When determining the cost of an underground tank removal project, there are five factors that need to be accounted for.


Some areas are just easier to work in than others, and the more difficult the area, the more expensive the project will be. For instance, above ground tanks are way easier to deal with than underground tanks. But that doesn’t mean all underground tanks are the same. An underground tank buried under dirt in a wide open field is a pretty straightforward job, while a tank under concrete in close proximity to other buildings is a whole other animal.


Tanks are used to hold all types of liquids, and some are benign and some are much more dangerous. When the tank still has some dangerous substances inside, the cost of the project will go up.


When it comes to size, bigger is more expensive. Removing a large tank will require more time and manpower, and it will also cost more to transport the tank once it is removed.


Like with any kind of demolition, tank removal requires permits from the proper authorities. It’s best to consult the local powers that be to find out how much the permits cost before you start a tank removal project.


It’s not usually necessary, but if the tank has a leak remediation will be required to restore the damage to the surrounding soil.

Tank removal is a complicated process that needs to be done by trained professionals. At DT Specialized Services we have the experience and expertise needed to safely remove tanks.