Estimating the Cost of Demolition

There are several factors that affect the final cost of a demolition project. While the national average for a commercial demolition project is around $31,000, the price tag can greatly exceed this average. The four main factors that determine the cost of commercial demolition project are: type of demolition, size of the project, presence of hazardous materials, and expected amount of debris.

Type of Demolition

Demolition projects come in all shapes and sizes. At DT Specialized Services, we offer seven unique types of demolition to accommodate the wide range of projects we handle. Some of these types of demolition require special equipment and more time than others, which is why the price can vary.

Size of the Project

As with most things, bigger means more expensive. Projects with more square footage will cost more because more resources and time will be required to complete the project.

Presence of Hazardous Materials

Most demolition projects involve older buildings, and most older buildings have asbestos. A common component of construction material made back in the day (before regulations were in place), asbestos is a very dangerous material that needs to be handled by professionals. Demolition projects with asbestos or other hazardous materials will require extra costs.

Expected Amount of Debris

Debris from a demolition project has to be disposed of in a responsible way. Most of the time this will involve recycling, but landfills are occasionally used as well. Whatever method of disposal is used, it costs money to process and transport. The more debris produced by the project, the more it will cost.