What is Construction Site Preparation?

Like laying down a coat of primer before a paint job, before any construction project can take place, construction site preparation is essential. Why is this so? Why can’t one simply just start building on a spot that looks pretty good? In this piece, we’ll look at some of the tasks that take place during construction site preparation and why it is a must for new projects.

Removal of Debris

Nobody likes working in the trash, plant growth, or other debris that may encumber mobility. Because of this, one of the first steps in construction site preparation is the removal of any remaining structures, topographic hinderances, and vegetation. Any dilapidated structures or previously demolished structures are also taken away. Building in areas where wildlife exists can present unique challenges to preparation specialists so as not to overly disrupt the ecology of an area.

Plotting Preexisting Utility Lines

Disrupting preexisting lines on a construction project can be costly, messy, and dangerous to all involved. During the construction site preparation process, all utility lines are accounted for and their continued use is determined. Older plumbing and gas lines from structures now removed may be also removed while other municipal utility lines may require additional care in protecting from damage during the construction process.

Preparing The Ground

In order to provide a level site for construction, the construction preparation process often requires the excavation of former structures, earth, or used utility conduits. This process requires meticulous care and detailing planning to avoid costly and dangerous errors.

Once these processes are completed, construction can begin without a hitch on a site of your choosing. For your construction site preparation needs, look no further than your friends at DT Specialized Services