How To Dispose of Household Electronics

The tech industry has many of us on a pretty regimented schedule of updating our devices on a regular basis. As soon as the latest phone, computer, or other gadget is on the market, we’re quick to chuck our old version in a quest for the latest and greatest. However, whenever an older phone isn’t worth trading in or selling and you feel weird about simply throwing it in the trash, there has to be a better way to get rid of it...right? How should you dispose of an older phone, computer, or other electronic devices? Here are some better (and safer) alternatives to simply throwing your old electronic devices in the dumpster.

  • Wipe Any Personal Data Off. Before disposing of any electronic devices that could possibly contain personal information, make sure to wipe any hard drives of information.
  • Check With Electronics Retailers & Repair Shops. Most electronics retailers and especially electronics repair shops have safe ways of recycling electronics.
  • Look For Manufacturer Recycling Programs. Even though devices are subject to upgrades, some of the materials in the devices may be the same. For this reason, manufacturers may be thrilled to take your older versions on your hands. Check with the manufacturer to see if such a program exists. They’ll usually make the process as easy as possible for you in order to get older electronics.
  • Look for Charitable Electronics Recycling Initiatives. Check to see if there are any charitable organizations near you that specialize in electronics recycling. Because there are many valuable materials in electronics (including copper and even gold), these donations can greatly help charities while helping you clear out that drawer of random outdated electronics.
  • Look for Certified Electronics Recyclers. In order to really take the guesswork out of finding a new home for your outdated electronics, here is a list to the Environmental Protection Agency's list of Certified Electronics Recyclers. There's even an interactive map so you can find a recycler near you. 

If your disposal needs are a little bit more than a drawer of old chargers, either from whole rooms to entire structures, your friends at DT Specialized Services can help. Simply reach out to us with your demolition needs and we’ll handle the rest.