What Is High Reach Arm Demolition?

Just as fast as new methods of construction and areas of development come about, demolition services have been forced to keep up. For some demolitions, a building implosion may do the trick, a wrecking ball may be in order, and heck — sometimes you can simply burn a house down. However, some demolition projects require a much more delicate touch. When space is limited and accuracy is required, high-reach arm demolition may be just what the doctor ordered. In this piece, we’re going to look at high-reach arm demolition is its many benefits over the alternatives.

“What is high-reach arm demolition?”

High-reach arm demolition is a style of demolition in which a high-reach arm, also known as a long reach excavator, is used to gradually tear down higher structures. While this may take longer than other industrial types of demolition, high-reach arm demolition has several significant advantages over many other forms of demolition.

Reaching Places No Excavator Has Reached Before

High reach excavators take the functionality of heavy-duty excavators to new heights, able to demolish structures at over 150 feet off the ground.

Demolition With Minimal Disturbance

Instead of the loud volume and dust associated with a building implosion, high-reach arm demolition is minimally invasive to the area. Demolitions tend to be much quieter and with minimal dust debris remaining.

Precise Demolition Anywhere

High-reach arm demolition has all-but-retired the classic wrecking ball. The key advantage that high-reach arm demolition has over the wrecking ball is its ability to be used by demolition crews with the utmost precision. Whether used for selective demolition or the complete demolition of a building or other structure or simply, high-reach arm demolition reduces the scattering of dangerous debris — being much more precise and with less mess than the wrecking ball or implosions.

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