Cracked Concrete Driveways: Fix or Replace?

Concrete is one of the strongest, yet most malleable construction materials available. These two factors make concrete frequently the best choice material for driveways and different kinds of roads. Though this is the case, concrete is susceptible to damage from age, the elements, and use. A crack forming in a concrete driveway can be quite worrisome. While some cracks are relatively simple and inexpensive to remedy, some are the symptom of larger problems and it is best for the affected areas to be demolished and repoured. In this piece, we’re going to look at what causes concrete cracks and determining if concrete demolition is the best choice.

How do concrete cracks occur?

If a concrete driveway is mixed, poured, and spread correctly, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be able to last nearly half a century. When certain aspects of the concrete construction process aren’t followed properly, this can shorten the life of a driveway or other concrete structure. Some of these errors can be in the mix. Some concrete specialists will mix more water into their concrete in order to make the substance easier to work with. At times, an excess of water in the original mix can cause the concrete to dry improperly, causing weak points. Another variable can be the length of time allotted for the concrete to dry. The chemical process in which concrete turns from a liquid to a solid should be allowed to take place over several days. When concrete dries too fast, this can inhibit the strength of the material. Yet another concern can be an improper strength ratio. If the weight of the load that an area of concrete construction will have to support isn’t properly taken into consideration, this can cause the concrete to crack or buckle prematurely.

Does cracked concrete mean it needs to be replaced?

While disconcerting to look at, not all concrete cracks are alike. Thinner hairline cracks, for instance, may not run very deep and may not require fixing. To smooth out the surface of these cracks, a concrete filler can be used to provide a flush, flat space. Still, if the cracks in the concrete driveway seem to change whether or not the surface sits level or if there are multiple cracks, there’s a good chance that these cracks are a symptom of a larger problem. In these instances, it is safest to remove the cracked portions of the concrete driveway and have them replaced with concrete that has been mixed and spread properly.

Concrete demolition is a messy, labor-intensive job. For this reason, it’s best to hire a professional construction demolition specialist to remove the damaged concrete. For big or small concrete demolition needs, look no further than your friends at DT Specialized Services.