7 Reasons To Reconsider DIY Demolition

From an outsider’s perspective, many aspects of home demolition seem pretty straightforward. A tile backsplash gets hammered away, walls get knocked down, or windows get crowbarred out of place. Aside from using heavy equipment to make things easier, taking care of business yourself may seem like a much cheaper option. But is it really? In this piece, we’re going to look at seven aspects of home demolition that you may not have considered before doing your own.

1. You may not have the proper tools.

Some demolitions are simply going to require a specific set of tools in order to make any headway on removing various materials. If you’re considering purchasing the proper tools for the job, take a moment to consider that, for the price of the tool, you could have hired a small crew to tackle the project for you. You may be saying, “True, but I can use that tool again.” We have to ask you honestly...are you, though?

2. DIY demolition is back-breaking work.

There is a reason that professional demolition companies have a lot of specialized tools — demolition is extremely physically demanding. Because you most likely do not have these labor-saving tools, you will have to rely on brute force. Unless you’re a professional athlete, you may not have what it takes to break that concrete or lift that beam.

3. Demolition is extremely messy.

When you’re actively knocking down a structure or tearing out materials, you’re really working your hardest to make a mess. Demolition companies anticipate the mess with elaborate ways to remove it. Professional demolition crews are also experienced in materials recycling and disposing of hazardous materials. You, however, are probably not.

4. You’re much more likely to be derailed by a surprise during a demolition.

No two demolitions are exactly the same, but many are very similar. It’s not uncommon for demolition specialists to come across something that surprises them, but it’s even more likely for you to get in over your head. A miscalculated swing of a hammer can completely change the outlook of your project.

5. Demolition is extremely time-consuming.

Many do-it-yourselfers underestimate the time it takes to do the planning, work, and clean up it takes for a proper demolition. When demolition is left to one or two individuals with limited tools and experience, it will take a very long time. A typical demolition project can eat up weekends for months.

6. DIY demolition can be extremely dangerous.

Whenever you’re applying enough force on something to demolish it, you’re opening yourself up to a fair amount of hazard. If you lack the experience to identify a potential hazard, demolition can be tremendously dangerous. Amplify this danger with the possibility of coming across hazard materials such as mold, lead, or even asbestos and you’re looking at even more danger. Professional demolition specialists have the experience and training to avoid dangerous situations and materials.

7. DIY demolition can sometimes be illegal.

Under certain circumstances, demolition without the proper permits or certifications can actually be illegal. You can check with the local authorities about the necessary permits and proven competence needed to complete a specific demolition project...or you can hire a demolition professional who already knows.

We really don’t mean to bad-mouth DIY demolition. If you feel that you can accomplish a demolition job in a way that is safe, efficient, and legal on your own, more power to you! If you crunch the numbers can discover that an experienced demolition company can do it more efficiently for less, the demolition professionals at DT Specialized Services are happy to help.