A Closer Look At The Cost And Quality Of Crushed Concrete

Concrete crushing

Recycled concrete is an ideal material for a variety of jobs and is more cost-effective than using crushed stone. There are also the additional environmental benefits that also come from using recycled materials, which could contribute to LEED credits. To determine if crushed concrete is right for your project, you'll want to investigate both price and integrity of the product.
  • Quality of Recycled Concrete
Concrete is gathered from demolition jobs from a few different sources. There's the concrete that's taken from tearing up driveways and sidewalks and the concrete taken from the building itself. Because of the nature of demolition, there will be some additional debris, like steel rebar, that must be removed from concrete before it can be crushed. The more processing concrete goes through in the crushing process, the higher quality the material will be, but that also contributes to a higher cost.
  • Cost of Crushed Concrete
The cost of recycled concrete helps you determine both the quality and the source of the material. If your supplier is simply reselling crushed concrete, their prices will be much higher than a supplier, like Demolition Technologies, that crushes and screens materials themselves on-site. Occasionally, you'll come across crushed concrete prices that seem to good to be true. In most cases, these prices are so low because the quality of the product is lacking. Less time has been taken to screen the concrete, which means more debris is mixed into it. Delivery of the materials will also factor into the overall cost.At Demolition Technologies, we value concrete recycling not just for the value, but also for the environmental benefits. By crushing concrete from our demolition projects, we keep those materials out of the landfill and allow them to be re-used in new construction.Call us at 918-379-0966 to learn more about our concrete recycling.