Mold Remediation: The Steps Professionals Take To Remove Mold

More than just unsightly or gross, mold can be tremendously hazardous to your health. Though completely removing 100% of mold is impossible (mold exists virtually everywhere), mold remediation from a structure is necessary before any future plans can commence for a house, building, or storage facility. In this piece, we’re going to talk about what mold remediation may look like.

Mold Forms From Moisture

Being that mold of the product of mishandling of moisture, the mold remediation team would need to determine the source of the moisture. While mold can be removed, if the cause of the mold is not dealt with, there’s a high likelihood that it will return.

A Mold Remediation Plan is Developed

Once the source of the mold has been assessed, a plan can be developed for remediating the mold as well as making sure it won’t return. During this plan, all factor are considered — the safety precautions that need to be made, the prep needed for the space where the mold will be removed, and the method of disposal of the mold.

The Mold Removal

Once a plan has been developed, the mold remediation process can commence. Crew members don protective gear. The gear used ranges from eye protection and respirators to full-body suits that can either be completely sanitized or disposed of. The mold removal process includes a combination of demolition techniques as well as killing mold spores with chemicals. While some non-porous items such as types of metal and glass may be salvageable and sanitized, porous materials such as wood, grout, and drywall will likely be completely demolished and removed.

Careful Not To Spread Mold

There are many forms of house mold that are toxic and should not be disturbed by amateurs. For this mold, only professional mold remediation experts should be used in order to reduce the likelihood of spreading the toxic mold spores around during the demolition and removal process.

Testing To Determine Mold Toxicity

In some occasions, mold will need to be professionally tested to determine it’s toxicity. While most forms of mold can be successfully removed, some more toxic forms of black mold and its mycotoxins cannot be fully purged from a home. In these instances, the demolition professionals will need to discuss the next steps with the owners of the home to determine how much specialized demolition will be required or if the structure will be a total loss.

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