Demolition Crews Are Essential To Disaster Recovery

Aftermath of a disaster

When you think of demolition contractors, odds are that you think of old buildings that need to be torn down to make way for new construction. While that is a large part of the industry, being a demolition contractor puts us in a unique position to help when disaster strikes. An educational video on YouTube helps illustrate the role of demolition contractors at disaster sites, like the sites affected on 9/11.The National Demolition Association has recommended that demolition contractors and first responders form relationships ahead of a need arising. This way, the skills, expertise and equipment used by demolition crews can easily be integrated with the efforts of the first responders in the case of a disaster.There are a variety of reasons why demolition contractors are invaluable to the efforts on disaster sites. They possess a comfort with equipment needed to manage debris, are experienced with unsound structures and are familiar with how to identify and safely dispose of hazardous materials.Disaster sites that call for demolition expertise can be the result of natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and tornadoes, or man-made disasters like bombings, plane crashes, fires or other acts of terrorism. In fact, fire investigators often enlist demolition contractors to scenes where fires have made a structure unsafe. Demolition crews are utilized for the sake of public safety and for controlled demolition to assist with an investigation.The extensive training of demolition crews qualifies them to work in these environments where hazardous and toxic materials have been burned or partially damaged. In these cases, the demolition contractors are needed to dispose of these materials to allow other agencies to work in the area and to keep the environment clean.First responders experienced with disaster sites have recommended that every state and local agency should create a relationship with a local demolition contractor that can promise fast response times. Thankfully, a demolition crew isn’t necessary on every call local agencies respond to, but when there’s a need, it’s helpful to have a standing relationship in place.Demolition Technologies offers the equipment, manpower and expertise to work on any type of demolition job, even disaster sites. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities and experience in the demolition industry.