Concrete Demolition & Why to Use a Professional

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Whether you’re needing to replace a driveway or demolish a reinforced structure, demolishing and removing concrete is an arduous and dangerous process. For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you seek out the services of a demolition company when doing so.

Demolishing Concrete

Concrete is an extremely sturdy material, making it ideal for the construction of everything from roads and driveways to homes, commercial structures, and storm shelters. The rigidity goes from comfort into pain when it comes time to demolish it and remove it. Most modern concrete structures will require much more than your ordinary hardware store sledgehammer and some elbow grease. Jackhammers and heavy equipment with mounted pneumatic breakers are usually required to properly demolish concrete the point of being removed. Because most DIYers have neither access to these items of equipment or experience safely using them, it is always recommended to consult the services of a demolition professional before proceeding with concrete demolition.

Removing Concrete

One of the benefits of using concrete is that it is an immensely dense and heavy material. This makes the removal of demolished concrete incredibly difficult for the average person. Specialized earth-moving equipment such as Bobcats, excavators, and industrial dump trucks are often utilized for this difficult task. Failing to use such industrial equipment can prove to be incredibly difficult. This process can also be immensely dangerous to those attempting to remove concrete without the proper equipment or experience.

Dangers of Airborne Concrete Dust Debris

When cutting, demolishing, and removing concrete, this can release large quantities of crystalline silica dust into the air. These tremendously fine particles are very hazardous to one’s health when inhaled. If inhaled, they can do incredible damage to one’s lungs and can contribute to conditions such as silicosis and, with repeated exposure, lung cancer. It’s for this reason that the leading health organizations recommend the use of respiratory filtering devices when blasting, grinding, or demolishing concrete and other similar materials. Experienced demolition professionals take special precautions against the hazards of crystalline silica dust that the average person may not.

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