What is Turnkey Demolition?

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Even before any structures are demolished, demolition can be a messy process. To make demolition as easy as possible for your organization, DT Specialized Services executes a practice known as turnkey demolition. Let’s examine what turnkey demolition means.

Pre-Demolition Planning

Turnkey demolition begins with meetings with DT Specialized demolition specialists to assess your demolition needs. Because every demolition is different, the items discussed range from projected timelines, demolition techniques, required staff, debris cleanup, removal, and much more. The idea is to eliminate any surprises in the demolition process so that everything can proceed as smoothly as possible.

Demolition Permitting

Not having the proper documentation from local municipalities can slow any demolition down considerably. To avoid being hung up by paperwork or potential lawsuits, all of the proper permits are obtained so that the demolition process can begin.

The Demolition Process

Once the proper plans have been made, the correct permits have been obtained, the selective demolition process can commence. Several factors will be weighed in order to consider which method of demolition is best for a selected location, the material being demolished, and level of accuracy required within a selective demolition. Once the optimal demolition strategy is established, it is executed in a controlled and professional manner.

Debris Removal, Cleanup, and Recycling

After a selected structure has been professionally demolished, crews are quick to remove the leftover debris. Depending on the material of the structure demolished, specific actions must be taken to reduce contamination of an area. If not handled properly, harmful building materials can pose a health threat to those in the vicinity. DT Specialized Services pride themselves with their ability to safely remove any hazardous materials. If certain elements can be recycled, they are delivered to the proper recycling centers or processing.

Turnkey Means a Load Off Your Mind

While no magic spell can make a structure disappear, the demolition and cleanup professionals from DT Specialized Services can provide the next best thing — virtually effortless turnkey demolition services.

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