How to Reduce Demolition Job Change Orders

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Depending on how you look at them, change orders can be the bane of the existence of construction workers, demolition companies, and clients alike. They make any construction or demolition project slower, more expensive, and sometimes more dangerous. Let’s take a quick look at how DT Specialized services reduce the number of change orders on demolition projects to the delight of worker and client alike.

Communication is Crystal Clear

One of the leading causes of change orders on a demolition project is a lack of understanding of either needs or plans. If the demolition company doesn’t understand the client’s needs, there are setbacks. If the client doesn’t understand the demolition processes and services, this can also give them reasons to pump the brakes on a job. To reduce instances of confusion, DT Specialized Services believes in the most transparent communication possible. This communication is in the form of face-to-face meetings, phone calls, emails, and any other method of communication that works best for the client. Squashing mystery means that everyone is on the same page.

Assessing Every Imaginable Risk

Though imagining everything that can go wrong can usually give someone a panic attack, it’s precisely this process that allows demolition professionals to be three steps ahead of any potential issue. Having a predetermined plan that is ready to be executed in the event of potential problems means less time regrouping to assess the issue at hand. Problems are best remedied outside of a project with predetermined plans.

Managing Plans and Paperwork

Before a single demolition specialist goes to work on a project, every plan of action and permit is double-checked. Checking to make sure all bases are covered before a project begins reduces the likelihood of being derailed by plans based on last-minute discoveries. The idea of “measure twice, cut once” also comes into play with demolition jobs to help reduce required change orders.

Planning for Cleanup Before Demolition

Long before any demolition commences, every particle of dust or hunk of debris is accounted for in the cleanup process. Having this level of planning ensures that demolished debris does not become an issue further along in the project. Every granule of debris needs to be accounted for before any demolition is to proceed to remove variables that could wind up in a change order.

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