Types of Environmental Rehabilitation

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Environmental Rehabilitation

Also known as land rehabilitation, environmental rehabilitation isn’t so much about demolition, but instead returning an area of land to its original use before a wide array of man-made or natural disasters negatively impacted a space.

Disaster Environmental Rehabilitation

After a disaster has ravaged a location, the process of cleaning up an area of land so that rebuilding can occur is known as disaster rehabilitation. During this process, overly damaged structures are demolished, and debris is removed. Regions affected by erosion may be structured with earth-moving equipment.

Landfill Remediation

Though a landfill is typically not removed from an area due to years, if not decades of waste being dumped into the location, a landfill that has been filled to capacity can be reused for other purposes. In instances of landfill remediation, layers of dirt and topsoil may be placed over the top of the landfill and used as farmland. The vegetation planted is frequently used to keep the topsoil from loosening and eroding.

Mine Rehabilitation

After a mining operation has ceased in an area, it is essential to restore the mined ground for the sake of safety, land preservation, or even possible developing the area once again. During the process of mine rehabilitation, open mines are filled in. Earth may also be reshaped or redistributed to fill in craters present at the site.

Returning Grounds to Nature

When lands are used either for growing food or for agricultural reasons, the ground may be in rough shape. To return lands to their original purposes, the effects of farming or agricultural activity need to be reversed. While only so much can be done to restore lands to a “natural” state, environmental rehabilitation can help to make the hand-off back to mother nature.

Restore Your Lands

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