The Demolition Industry is Job-Hunter's Dream

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As the national unemployment rate hovers at just around 3.6% (the lowest it has been in decades), it is starting to become a job hunter's market. Still, many don't consider the demolition industry when they start their job hunt. That being said, there are quite a few reasons why you might want to. 

Demolition Requires Lots of Project Management

If you're looking at breaking into (no pun intended) management, the demolition industry needs you. Every stage of demolition or hazardous material handling has to be carefully coordinated. There are many different specialists involved in any number of demolition projects and someone has to make sure they're working in sync — it might as well be you. 

Demolition Jobs Get You Out of the Office

While there are several administrative jobs in the demolition industry (if that's your thing), much of the work requires going into the field. For those who can't stand stuffy offices and enjoy exploring new places, the demolition industry was practically made for you. Even if you're only operating locally, you still get to check out places you've never seen, spend time in the open air, and experience the brute strength of some of the most powerful equipment around. There's never a dull moment.

Demolition Jobs Were Made For Problem Solvers

Many jobs can be monotonous. Whether you're working in an office, retail, or even specific areas of construction, the days can seem to bleed into each other. This is not so much the case with demolition jobs. Every job comes with a unique set of challenges — like puzzles that require innovative solutions. Demolition and hazardous waste removal rewards the nimble-minded and those with an eye for improving processes. 

Demolition Creates Specialists

One of the best ways to remain in demand as a professional is to have a specialized skill. In the world of demolition, most of the players are highly skilled specialists. Whether you're a project manager, machine operator, hazardous waste specialist, or any other member of a demolition team, the more you grow your skills, the more in-demand your skills become. Because you can become a niche professional, you can continue to increase your knowledge and experience faster on the job to become a sought-after specialist. 

Learn on the Job

As the amount of student loan debt balloons past 1.5 trillion dollars (yes, trillion with a “T”), many are losing faith in expensive schooling as the answer to their career woes. While there are some jobs within demolition where a traditional college degree comes in handy, there are many positions with skills you can only learn on the job. Consider this paid training. This will allow you to avoid going into further debt just for the expectation of a job once you’re finished with your schooling. Most demolition jobs will put you to work right away and many companies will actually pay you to attend specialized training courses. 

Demolition Jobs Benefit the Traditionally Disenfranchised

Having little experience or a criminal record can be a thorn for many seeking higher-paying jobs. Many demolition jobs, however, extend a ladder for the traditionally disadvantaged to climb. Because you can learn on the job, those with few job skills can learn the ropes as they go and pursue a lifelong career. There are also a wide variety of demolition positions that are more open to hiring those with a criminal record who have been rehabilitated. These positions can give you the opportunity to prove yourself while simultaneously building up your resume.

Bonus: It's Cathartic

You've always wanted to put a sledgehammer through a wall — admit it. 

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