The Benefits of the Strip-Out Prior to Major Remodeling

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Major remodeling projects demand ample planning and coordination before a space can be adequately built out. In order to make room for changes and upgrades, a certain amount of focused demolition is necessary — what is known by some as a “strip out.” Let’s jump into some of the benefits of a strip-out before extensive remodeling. 

What Exactly is a Strip-Out Process?

A strip-out is the very controlled and isolated demolition of interior components before a drastic remodeling or renovation project. During this process, most wall and ceiling materials are removed short of load-bearing structural elements. Depending on the strip-out in question, utility lines may also be left undisturbed as much as possible. Dated or inadequate and flooring materials, such as older carpeting, tiles, or other floor coverings are removed to make way for newer flooring options. Older ceiling tiles may or may not be removed to make way to more modern ceiling options. 

Before a strip-out demolition of a space, it is crucial to have a detailed plan in mind to limit unnecessary demolition. Strip-outs can be as in-depth or minimal as is necessary. While this is so, extensive strip-outs are recommended to remove more potentially worn materials and to make room for newer, more reliable interior components. 

Once a strip-out is performed, recyclable materials are sorted from the rest of the debris so as to lessen the amount of waste ending up in landfills. A team of demolition professionals will ensure that debris remains isolated to the stripped-out sections of a structure and in waste containment areas. 

Why Perform a Strip-Out Before a Remodel?

Strip-outs can reveal potential problem areas under the surface. Before you invest untold sums of time and money into the remodeling of a space, it is best to know the condition of the structure beyond what is visible on the surface. Issues with electrical systems, insulation, water leaks, infestations, the presence of hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead paint — any of these can undo costly renovations. 

Strip-outs give you a clean canvas in which to begin a new remodel. Outdating ceiling styles, worn-out insulation and wiring will eventually need to be addressed. The strip-out process makes efficient use of time and resources. 

Strip-outs offer peace of mind. A controlled strip-out demolition provides assurance that the structure is now sound and properly maintained for many years to come. There’s no use in remodeling the cosmetic appeal of a space unless the integral elements are appropriately managed. 

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