The Various Risks Associated with Demolition Work

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When one imagines hazardous professions, a career in demolition is likely to come to mind. It is quite true that many roles in the field of demolition come with a certain amount of calculated risk. To understand and appreciate these positions, let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why demolition jobs can be dangerous.

Demolition can require working at dizzying heights.

Some demolition jobs may require workers to work from very high spots. Under the conditions surrounding a demolition, some of the usual standard safety measures, such as railings, walls, or even floors, may be absent. The risk of a fall in these situations dramatically increases. To prevent falls for higher-positioned demolition jobs, demolition personnel are outfitted with special harnesses designed to secure them in the event of a fall.

Demolition can be hard on the ears.

When most people consider injuries sustained on a demolition site, many imagine falling debris, interaction with equipment, and the like. Though these are some of the culprits, a significant cause of injury on demolition sites can be attributed to a force that doesn’t require any physical contact — sound. Demolition sites can be tremendously noisy with continued exposure to such loud noises wreaking havoc on worker hearing. To combat hearing damage or loss, most demolition professionals are required to wear adequate hearing protection in the form of earplugs or over-ear hearing protection when necessary.

Demolition sites kick up a lot of dust.

It’s not uncommon to see demolition workers wholly coated in dust and debris from a demolition site. More than being a dirty mess, many forms of dust can be immensely hazardous to worker health. When inhaled regularly, debris ranging from silica dust to sawdust can result in respiratory ailments — from asthma to nasal and lung cancer. Debris in the eyes can also cause irritation and vision problems. For this reason, filtering breathing equipment and eye protection is required for many different kinds of demolition jobs.

Demolition exposes many workers to the elements.

Heat, sun, rain, snow, wind, storms — demolition jobs may require prolonged exposure to a range of weather conditions. Years of working in these conditions without the proper protective weather gear can result in a variety of health conditions. Experienced demolition professionals know how to prepare for virtually any climate appropriately.

Falling debris or equipment is always a risk to demolition professionals.

When demolishing a structure, there is always the risk of some of the demolished debris, tools, or materials unexpectedly falling on the personnel below. This risk of injury due to falling objects is mitigated by advanced safety protocol. Part of the protocol involves skilled demolition practices that manage the debris as it is removed to carefully transfer it to the appropriate receptacle for disposal or recycling. Another aspect of this protocol is the use of protective equipment. Hardhats, eye protection, hearing protection, specialized boots, gloves, and other safety equipment can drastically reduce injuries due to falling objects.

Safety is Top Priority for DT Specialized Services

The experienced demolition professionals from DT Specialized Services see safety as an essential aspect of not only our demolition process but also our frame of mind. Proper safety measures keep our staff safe, healthy, and happy so they can deliver the best services to clients every day.

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