4 Traits of Successful Demolition Workers

(3.5-min read)

Whether you’re looking for a fulfilling new career or simply want to learn more about the demolition industry, many traits lend themselves towards a role in the demolition field. In this piece, we’re going to look at some of the most crucial attributes of a successful demolition professional. 

1. Physical Capability & Coordination

Let us start with one of the most evident attributes of a successful demolition professional — physicality. Much like a construction worker or other skilled tradesperson, demolition work requires someone who can withstand the physical demands of the job. Not only must this person possess the physical strength to yield tools and material necessary for the completion of the situation, but they must also possess an advanced dexterity required for carrying out tasks on a job site that demand precision and attention-to-detail. Compiled with all of this is all-around resilience. Demolition sites are often immensely dirty, dusty, and require workers to be exposed to the elements. A person must be able to handle these elements to ensure a long, prosperous, and happy career in professional demolition. 

2. Ability to Work as a Team

Unlike some skilled trades where one person can handle the required tasks, demolition is very much a team effort. Due to the frequent requirement for jobs to be handled by crews of demolition professionals, a successful demolition worker needs to be able to work well with others. The appeal of demolition work may draw people of differing personality types, so this individual needs to be able to get along with people from different backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses, and methods of working. They must be able to identify strengths in others, acknowledge their own weaknesses, and not be afraid to ask for help when it is required for the success of a particular task. 

3. Good at Executing Detailed Instructions

Every demolition job is going to be unique; thus, different approaches will be developed and deployed. For the success of the job as well as the safety of all of those involved, a professional demolition specialist must be able to listen to, comprehend, and execute detailed instructions. If details are missed, misheard, or not remembered, this can lead to careless, dangerous work. For this reason, a successful demolition worker must be detail-oriented in all that they do. 

4. Great Problem-Solving Ability

There is a stereotype about those involved in manual labor — that they lack intelligence or problem-solving skills. This is exceedingly inaccurate, and if it were true, it would put entire crews or even the public in danger. Demolition professionals must have deeply analytic minds to identify potential issues and solve them before they escalate into dangerous or costly problems. They must have a discerning eye for the signs of unforeseen issues and take the necessary steps to prevent a dangerous or expensive incident. This ability is coupled with a need to be immensely efficient in their tasks to ensure that demolition jobs proceed free of issues to save time, effort, money, and keep everyone safe.

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