Why You Should Leave Internal Demolition Strip-Outs to the Pros

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“How hard can it be?” For many, these are words they end up eating as they assess necessary demolition strip-outs leading up to a significant home renovation. Even while reading this, you may be wondering what the big deal is. I mean, it’s just breaking stuff and carrying it out, right? In this piece, let’s examine why internal strip-outs should be left to demolition professionals. 

Demolition Professionals Follow Careful Plans

No professional internal strip-out is without a plan. Before a single element of the home is removed, a careful plan is developed. All of the demolition crew members are briefed on the specifications of the internal strip-out. Each task is assigned to its associated specialist. Only once a plan has been adequately established does any demolition commence. 

The Proper Removal of Hazardous Materials

Residential demolition typically occurs when an older home structure no longer meets the desired criteria of the homeowner. Whether a layout needs to be augmented or space needs to be made to accommodate updates, the project is typically out with the old and in with the new. One of the issues with the “out with the old” aspect of demolition is that the “old” frequently contains hazardous materials. Three of the main offenders here are lead paint, mold, and asbestos. Interacting with any of these three materials is immensely dangerous for those who do not take the necessary precautions for removal and disposal. A demolition professional will know the proper removal and disposal protocols for such hazardous materials. 

Load Bearing Structures

Open concept houses are currently all the rage. This popular home layout has inspired many to knock out a few walls to open the living room, dining, and kitchen spaces. Other homeowners may want to create a master bedroom suite by knocking down a wall between two bedrooms. This can be done correctly, but demolition professionals will know how to determine which walls are load-bearing and which are merely cosmetic. These professionals will also know the proper means of removing these walls while leaving a home’s support system undisturbed. The consequences of knocking out a load-bearing wall are not only monetarily disastrous but can be incredibly dangerous for home occupants.

Demolition Crews Act Fast

Imagine the first time you used a keyboard. It likely took you a half hour to write one paragraph—possibly even longer! Yes, the less accustomed you are to a particular activity, the more time it will take to complete. This rule also goes for demolition. Professional demolition crews perform internal strip out jobs many times a week, making them second nature. Because this is your home, you probably want the project completed sooner rather than later. For a prompt and professional internal strip-out, you can’t beat the speed of a demolition professional. 

Internal Strip Outs Are Messy

Demolition projects are some of the messiest aspects of any construction or renovation job. When attempting to perform an internal strip out yourself, you’re also left with the mess. Not only does an internal strip out leave a home filled with demolished debris, but it typically leaves dust particles floating in the air. Not properly managed, these dust particles can make their way virtually anywhere. Demolition professionals know how to manage proper mess management procedures and the appropriate means of removing excess dust particles in the air. 

Waste Management

Stripping out the internal structure of a residential property is not only messy but will result in immense quantities of materials destined for the dump or recycling center. An individual could conceivably also rent a construction dumpster for the demolition waste. An alternative to this process is leaving waste management to a demolition professional. A demolition professional is not only skilled at removing demolished materials but can accurately identify recyclable materials—keeping them out of the landfills and saving you money.

Cleaner Slate for Renovation

Nobody likes to start a new project amidst filth. The same goes for a home renovation. When you hire a demolition professional to manage a residential demolition, this ensures a more straightforward renovation process due to the complete removal of unwanted materials. The sooner an area has been prepped for renovation, the faster it can begin. Demolition professionals know what prep is required to start a home renovation project. 

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