When to Consider Detached Garage Demolition

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There was a time when having a garage was a must-have when purchasing or even leasing a house. This building was used for the storage of automobiles, supplies, and housed workshops. Garages are still sought after and can increase the value of a property. Still, there are occasions when one is better off without the eyesore of a dilapidated garage. 

You’re Selling the House

If you’re selling a house, consistency is critical. Even if the kitchen has been thoroughly updated, but the bathrooms could use some work, this uneven application of focus will make homebuyers stop in their tracks and reassess your property. The same scenario goes for a nice-enough house with a garage in utter disrepair. This eyesore may not worth the “potential” that your listing swears it has. 

Structural Damage

If the main supports of your garage have significant structural damage—either due to wood rot, pests, rust, or other decay—your garage may not be worth saving. Not only will bringing your detached garage back up to speed be a costly, but it will remain a project as other components of the garage age and wear out. If your garage contains hazardous materials in its construction, this may be reason alone to get rid of it.

If It’s Abandoned

If you’re using your garage regularly, that means you value having it. Some detached garages, however, are nothing but abandoned eyesores and should be demolished. As they fall apart, they’re also likely becoming a happy home for pests and the neighborhood stray cat population. Your neighbors are probably tired of looking at this shack, and it is definitely hurting the resell value of most nearby properties. 

If You’d Prefer the Yard Space

While some of us value having a garage, in more urban environments where yard space is scant, you may prefer having increased yard space. If you’re not using your garage, but feel like you’d enjoy having a larger yard, demolishing the garage to make room for a deck, pool, or patio area may be just the ticket. 

If It’s Easy Enough to Replace With a Kit

Sometimes, the “fix” for an older garage building is a new garage building. While designing and building a new garage is undoubtedly a hassle, there are several garage kits available for purchase that make the job a snap. You may prefer a kit that you can assemble with the help of a handy friend or a fully assembled garage kit that shows up on a truck. The ease of replacing this building may be just the motivation you need to consider demolishing that old detached garage in the backyard. 

Should I Demolish My Detached Garage Myself?

So, you’ve made up your mind—your run-down detached garage has to go. Before you head out to the backyard with a saw, sledgehammer, and a crowbar, pump the brakes, Bob Villa. Though it may seem like a reasonably straightforward job, demolishing a garage is far more complicated and messy than you think. Not only is this a sufficiently large structure capable of collapsing in the wrong direction, you may also be left with a heap of potentially hazardous materials. If this is an older structure, it may contain lead paint, mold, and possibly even asbestos. Between damaging surrounding properties, being stuck with an enormous mess, or endangering yourself, consult the demolition professionals. The right demolition specialists will be able to make it look like the garage never even existed for the right price. 

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