Why Are Demolition Permits Necessary

So, you have a structure that needs to come down—or come up, in the case of underground structures. Before you can begin the demolition process, there’s one tool that is more important than a jackhammer or any piece of equipment. Yep, the demolition permit. 

“Why do I need to request permission to destroy my own property?”

There are several reasons why communicating your intent to demolish anything with the surrounding governing bodies is a good idea. 


A primary purpose of a demolition permit is to keep everyone safe. There’s no such thing as demolition without some degree of destruction. The local governing bodies would like to make sure that no people are injured in the process. Whenever saws, hammers, heavy equipment, or explosives are utilized, it’s helpful to know they are being used with care by experienced specialists.

Environmental Exposure

As these structures or materials are destroyed and to what extent, permits also ensure that no members of the community will be exposed to potentially hazardous materials. Silica, asbestos, lead, mercury, and other harmful substances may be released during demolition. Not only do permits help regulate the demolition procedures, but they also ensure that the proper disposal of these hazardous materials. 

Provides an Understanding of the Project

A demolition permit lets the local governing body know what to expect from a demolition situation. They usually would like to know what precisely is being demolished, how it is being demolished, what materials are being removed, and how long a demolition professional expects the process the take. Such a permit with the appropriate information allows them to communicate such details to community members who may desire to know. 

To Limit Logistical Errors

Not only is a permit an excellent way to inform a municipality of one’s intent to demolish a structure, but it also is a useful double-check of the process for everyone involved. Take, for instance, the case of a Texas demolition company that demolished the wrong house. Basing the scope of their demolition on simple GPS map directions, the company destroyed the wrong home. While it’s likely that the address was correct on the demolition permit, any secondary confirmations can limit the instance of accidents.

Demolition Permits Are Legally Required

Lastly, demolition permits are the law of the land. Even if you disagreed with all of the other reasons why permits are necessary, you can't argue with John Law.

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