Demolition Alternatives: Get Rid of a House...By Selling It?

The decision to demolish a structure is not only severely permanent but quite expensive. Even as a demolition specialist dedicated to providing our clients with the most value, we’d be lying if we claimed that the process was ever cheap. For the sake of transparency, there is one way to remove a structure that is not only cost-efficient but can even make you money. But how? 

“A House For a Dollar?” 

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a family looking to start a new life in a new house. While most likely go the traditional route of home shopping, some families have the property part of the equation squared away. Whether they just found a terrific deal on some land or they inherited some acreage, what a deal! All that’s missing now is a house. That’s where you can come in. 

Yes, they could hire a contractor and a construction crew to come to build a house from scratch or buy a home kit from a home manufacturer. However, some opt to see what homes they can land...without the land. Yep, old homes ready to move! Whether a county is widening a highway or a business bought a block that they intend to turn into a parking lot, they need these houses gone. If you’re looking for a demolition professional, you know the feeling. However, one man’s trash is another family’s treasure—a house. Before consulting a demolition professional, many property owners in need of the land a structure sits upon will first see about selling the house or giving it away. What’s the catch? Well, any takers have to move it, of course. 

Cost of Moving a House

So, just how much does it cost to move a house? Well, according to, relocating an entire home structure in a way that keeps it, you know, able to be a home again really depends on the house and distance of the move. For smaller homes, moving a perfectly good house can cost $15,000. More elaborate homes can go up to $200,000. Still, rather than to spend over $100,000 on a home when, for the fraction of the cost, someone can move a free one (or for $1, just for the ease of transferring ownership in most cases), that’s quite a deal. There’s the added benefit of saving months in the process. While building a new home can take as much as 7-9 months, a moved house can be ready to live within in as little as two months. 

So, if you’re scratching your head, thinking about how to get rid of a house or series of houses standing between you and your next use for some land, before you call a demolition specialist, you may consider the “Freebies” section of Craiglist. 

Whether you don’t get any takers or demolition just turns out to be the more rational route (and to be honest, it usually is), the demolition professionals from DT Wreck-IT Specialized Demolition Services out of Tulsa, Oklahoma have your back.