The Primary Benefits of Reusing Materials

Stacks of old brick

Our dedication to recycling materials like concrete, masonry and asphalt is well-documented. Recycling in demolition has become a growing trend, which we're proud to be a part of. Reuse gets less recognition, however, but is just as important. In many cases, materials can be salvaged from one project and immediately reused in another construction project. Like recycling, this keeps waste out of landfills and allows these materials to continue to do good in the community. Here are the three primary areas that benefit from material reuse.
  • Environment
Perhaps most obviously, effective reuse programs benefit the environment. There's typically two outcomes for solid waste materials after a demolition project. They are either dumped in a landfill or they're marked for reuse. Obviously, reusing these materials is much better for the environment. Not only does it keep them from sitting in a landfill, but it also means fewer new materials need to be generated. That can save natural resources and adds up over time. The EPA has even noted that reuse programs help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And reuse programs often require fewer resources, less energy and less labor than other programs like disposal and even recycling.
  • Community
Materials salvaged from demolition projects aren't always used in new commercial construction. They can also be given to non-profit organizations, charities or to the community directly for use in homes, parks or other projects that directly benefit the community. Not only do the materials themselves often go to work for the community, but there are even reuse centers that feature job training programs for the handicapped and youths. In this way, these reusable materials help the present and the future.
  • Economic
There are multiple economic advantages brought about by the reuse of materials. For the demolition contractor who salvaged the materials, there is the benefit of tax breaks or profit from selling materials to contractors. That allows for lower overall budgets on demolition jobs. From the opposite viewpoint, organizations and individuals who would normally struggle to obtain these materials are able to afford them since reused materials are much cheaper than buying new.At Demolition Technologies, we make a point to salvage architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing components from our projects, store them in our yard and make them available for reuse. To learn more about our reuse program, contact us.