4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Demolition Contractor


Whether you're vetting demolition contractors for a potential residential demolition, or sorting through bids for a commercial, industrial or government demolition project, it's important to interview contractors before hiring anyone. With that in mind, here's the type of information you should be discovering before starting a demolition job.
  • Is demolition necessary? 
In most cases, complete demolition isn't the first choice of the client. Repairs and remodels might be a faster process. In the case of residential demolition, there's usually some sentimental value to the structure, as well. So, your first question to your potential demolition contractor should be whether or not demolition is the only option. If you've reached the point of actually speaking with demolition companies, at least some demolition likely is necessary. But, you may be able to avoid total demolition in some cases, which will make the project move faster, require different permits and be cheaper.
  • What's your safety record? 
Safety is of the utmost importance for both construction and demolition. And when a contractor has a sparkling safety record, they'll probably bring it up before you have to ask. If they don't have a great safety record, it's a significant strike against them. In addition to their past record, it's important to look over their safety procedures to ensure they cover the safety of the personnel involved in the demolition, the surrounding community and the long-term safety of the near-by environment. This is how you find out whether a demolition crew is professional and experienced or not.
  • Who handles permitting? 
Another mark of a true professional demolition contractor is their in-depth knowledge of required permits for a project and how to go about getting them. Some contractors will offer their own advice and expertise on permitting, while others will handle most of the process themselves. That should be worked out long before any contracts are signed. While it doesn't speak to the professionalism of a contractor if they ask you to handle the bulk of the permitting process, it does add some value to the project if they will handle that for you.
  • What's the plan for hazardous materials? 
Experienced demolition contractors will have come across a variety of projects that contain a variety of hazardous materials. If you've already performed a site assessment, you can tell them what materials they are likely to encounter and have them detail out a plan for proper handling and disposal. If you haven't performed an assessment, that's probably the first suggestion you're going to hear. But, finding out the remediation capabilities of your demolition team is important, even if you don't think there are hazardous materials involved in your project.In addition to these four questions, it's also a good idea to ask about material salvage and recycling, which can offer additional environmental benefits and reduce the overall budget in some cases.If you'd like to talk to us at Demolition Technologies about a potential demolition project, we'd love to hear from you. Give us a call at 918-379-0966.